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Mystery School

Spiritual Empowerment Classes

Energy Clearing

Egyptian & Celtic Shamanism

DNA Activation

Aromatic Alchemy

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"If you suspect there is a

Greater Purpose for your life...

If you seek a higher level of Understanding....

If you want to know Truth...

Then join me for a real life adventure of

Self-Discovery, Empowerment

and Deep Fulfillment!"

Meet Tricia


In 2004 I dove headlong into the study of the Western Mystery Tradition through an Ancient Lineage Mystery School. This fascinating path has allowed me to train and serve with Master Teachers all over the world and to have the opportunity to learn and share techniques of Energy Healing, Teaching, Initiation, Ceremonial Work and Personal Empowerment. I feel honored and blessed to have had these amazing experiences and to be able to offer my services to people like you!


The foundations of this work include Kabbalah, Western Mystery Tradition through the 3,000 year old Solomonic Lineage, Tantra, Egyptian Shamanism, and Aromatic Alchemy  - healing Body, Mind & Spirit with Essential Oils. 

I am located in Portland, Oregon and work from my home-based office called the Chrysalis. My practice supports individuals and groups to reveal their Super Powers, recognize & follow their Inner Compass and Harvest the Fruits of their own Evolutionary work. 

Are you ready to commit to your most Inspired & Thriving Self? 

I am here to guide you along that path and offer the services that have profoundly uplifted my personal life!

Tricia Radford

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What is a Mystery School?


This life is full of Mysteries, Who am I? What is my purpose? What is Spirit? What is Love? 

These are not the kinds of questions that everyday classrooms have answers for. Spiritual Societies throughout history have held the answers to these questions and more within the sanctity of the Ancient Mystery Schools.  The doors to these spiritual schools are always open to true seekers....

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